Science and Technology

Historically, the equipment used in molecular diagnosis has presented challenges in both operation and maintenance, limiting their use to a small group of highly trained specialists.

Our cutting-edge proposal breaks through this barrier by offering revolutionary technology that simplifies the process, allowing a greater number of laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare professionals to access molecular tests with unprecedented confidence and precision.

Introducing IRIS®

IRIS® is an integrated platform of reagents, hardware, and software that combines the latest Molecular Diagnostics technology with versatility, flexibility, and simplicity.



TH IRIS® Exam Kit

Hereditary Thrombophilia

It is estimated that in Argentina, more than 60,000 people suffer from this condition each year. The overall in-hospital mortality rate in Argentina for hospitalized patients with Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) is 19%.

VTE is a multifactorial disease resulting from the combination of genetic factors (Hereditary Thrombophilia, TH), environmental factors, and acquired conditions that determine individual clinical expression.

The TH IRIS® Exam kit, based on IRIS® Technology, allows for the analysis of the main genetic variations associated with TH. This kit comes in two versions: a two-gene version (F2/F5) and a five-gene version (Austral version). The two-gene version is approved by ANMAT (the regulatory agency in Argentina, similar to the FDA in the US) for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use.


Respiratory panel IRIS® Exam Kit

The Respiratory Panel Kit is based on IRIS® technology and allows for the simultaneous analysis of 15 types of viruses and 3 bacteria in a single test. This kit has been developed and validated in its “Research Use Only” (RUO) format and is in the final phase of validation for approval as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) by ANMAT.

This comprehensive analysis brings improvements to the healthcare system, even after the pandemic is over, as it enables:

  • Accurate diagnosis of the etiological agent causing acute.
  • Respiratory infection implementing the most appropriate therapy.
  • Understanding the prognosis and progression of the infection.
  • Separating hospitalized patients with different viruses or bacteria.
  • Controlling the dissemination of intrahospital pathogens.
  • Identifying antiviral resistance.
  • Conducting epidemiological studies on agents affecting the population.


Kit NAT-2

NAT-2 Kit: NAT-2 is a liver enzyme that metabolizes different types of drugs through their acetylation process.
The NAT-2 kit analyzes 7 genetic variations in the NAT-2 gene, allowing the categorization of patients into three groups: slow acetylators, intermediate acetylators, or rapid acetylators.

Knowing the degree of acetylation for each patient is crucial for the physician to determine the most effective treatment for individual patient.



IRIS® All in One

Fully automated and cloud-integrated

  • Only platform capable of meeting the needs of all laboratories: Pharmacogenomics, Infectious and Genetic Diseases.
  • Versatile: capable of simultaneously diagnosing multiple genetic biomarkers per sample.
  • Felxible: efficiently works with just 15 patient samples, testing for 15 different diseases
  • Simple easy to use and maintain.

Platform under development. Available in 2025.